2008 KWHSS Author Guidelines


This document provides guidance for authors of articles in the 2008 Drachenwald KWHS Symposium Proceedings. It addresses the basic issues of what to write about and how to submit the resulting article for publication.

A principal focus of this document is the actual preparation of articles for submission.

Topics and Content

The KWHS proceedings are intended to provide a forum for the presentation of material of interest to SCA heralds and scribes. This includes discussions of armory, onomastics, the practice of heraldry, scribal arts (calligraphy, and illumination, and document preparation), and sigillography. Articles may discuss practice within the period of study of the SCA, or practice within the SCA itself.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues

Authors are responsible for ensuring that they are the originators of the work they submit, or have the permission of the actual copyright holder (e.g. for illustrations) to submit the material for publication.

The KWHS Symposium will publish the Proceedings in print and electronic form, and will own the copyright for the proceedings as a compilation. It is intended to make the Proceedings available for sale to non-participants after the symposium. The original copyright holders will retain copyright ownership of the material in isolation.

Additional Information for Authors

Authors are requested to provide short biographical summaries SCA and modern) for inclusion with their articles.

Writing Style

Articles should be written in a style suitable for publication in a scholarly publication, including citation of sources where appropriate. The proceedings will not enforce any particular style guide, but recommends the Chicago Manual of Style as a reference.

The proceedings will be edited for consistency of format, including bibliography and citation. Authors are requested to conform to the production guidelines given below as much as possible to assist in this production.

Submission Mechanics

Submissions for the proceedings should be sent to the proceedings editor, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, at xc.sispille|anail#xc.sispille|anail. If you do not hear from her within 5 days of submission, please resend.

Production Format

The actual proceedings will be produced using LaTeX. If you can produce your article in this format, it will be appreciated by the production staff, who will be less likely to introduce errors in the editorial process. Please use the "article" document class with the option "a4paper".

Guidelines for Document Submission Contents

The production staff will attempt to translate formatting in your manuscript appropriately. If you are not working in LaTeX, we would prefer that you

* do not hypenate words in the body of the document
* do not use "smart-quotes".
* indicate the approximate location of figures and graphics in the text, along with the desired caption and the file name (or other identification) of the included material. Provide the included material separately. (Please contact the editor about acceptable file formats for figures and graphics before sending them.)
* indicate non-ASCII characters by their Da'ud encoding or XML entity description. Do not use word processing features to introduce non-ASCII characters (as they do not typically transfer between systems reliably).

Submission of Manuscripts
The submission of manuscripts in electronic format is preferred (though not required). Besides LaTeX, the symposium staff can also accept electronic documents as plain ASCII text, Open Office Writer, HTML, or Microsoft Word/RTF format. PDF files are not acceptable, since they are not easily editable. If you cannot work in any of these formats, please contact the editor who can probably offer alternatives.

If an electronic version cannot be submitted, please type the submission on one side of the page, and doublespace the manuscript. Contact the editor for the address to which to send the paper.

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