Time zone is GMT 0 (+1 during the summer), unless stated otherwise.

Event steward

gro.hcaersemaht|drawets#ereihcelf al eveiveneG (Elizabeth Brown)
+44 (0)77 1707 0216 GMT 0
No calls after 9 pm local time please.

Proceedings editor

xc.sispille|anail#leamtaC hcrem ywhnayrA (Sara L. Uckelman)
+30 20 320-2024
GMT +1; no calls before 10am local time please!

Class schedule coordinator

moc.tenretnitb|eswotnad#yrubretnaC fo treboR (Dan Towse)
+ 44 (0)7919 608 191 daytime, GMT 0

Please e-mail both Ary and Robert with offers to teach: they are working together to coordinate the class schedule.

Reservations steward

gro.hcaersemaht|snoitavreser#mahgnideH fo htidE (J. Emson)

Scriptorium and scribal gallery coordinator

Nerissa de Saye

Gallery munchies organizer

Alaric of Bangor
More staff names to come.

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