Frequently Asked Questions about KWHS 2008

Who do we talk to about contributing to the proceedings?

xc.sispille|anail#leamtaC hcrem yhwnayrA ydaLH is the proceedings editor. Most active heralds already know her as a CoA commenter and as Albion herald in Drachenwald.

If you have any early questions about proceedings, please contact her directly.

We're still discussing format, but we're leaning towards using LaTeX for formatting.

For the moment, please refer to the 2007 submission advice about contributing articles, until we make final decisions.

How do I get to see X in the Victoria and Albert museum?

As many of you have heard, the V&A has closed its medieval and renaissance exhibits until 2009.

There are a handful of token items on display, and the 19th c. Cast Galleries remain open, but the fabulous embroideries, glass and carvings are mostly out of sight.

Obviously they didn't consult us in their scheduling!

If you are a dedicated textile mavin, and want to see something that you know is in the V&A collection, you can book an appointment to view items in private. Book at least 2 months in advance - happily this isn't a problem!

Contact the textiles dept, explain you are an independent scholar with interests in X and are visiting in September 2008, and you'd like to view Y items.

If Y isn't available, what can they recommend?

If several people from KWHS would like to share an appointment, you'll have to arrange that directly amongst attendees.

Similar arrangements are possible at the British Museum, and the Museum of London.

All these museums now have good-sized digital galleries, that are worth browsing.

How do I get to Heraldry Today, the amazing heraldry bookshop?

Heraldry Today is a specialist heraldry & genealogy bookshop. It is in Wiltshire, about a hour out of London by train and local cab.

The About page tells you a bit about how to reach the shop.

Two volunteers are planning visits to the shop but if you can't make the excursion, please plan to visit on your own. It's up for discussion on the yahoogroup, and we'll post more details closer to the date.

My spouse is travelling with me, but isn't going to the symposium classes. However s/he'd like to come to the Guildhall library.

Can we fit in an extra person?

Unfortunately, the number of attendees at the Guildhall library is limited by the site itself.

We're giving first priority to the symposium attendees for this event. If we have any spaces after all the symposium folks have a chance, we will take overseas guests first come - first served.

Happily we can schedule a visit for the shire another day!

My spouse is travelling with me, but isn't attending the symposium. Does he still have to pay an event fee?

No - if you're not attending classes, we're not charging you a fee. The fees are going towards the use of the classrooms onsite.

You do have to pay accommodation to UCL.

Can my travelling-companion spouse come to the pub?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact we're hoping a few shire folks who can't make the daytime event might join us in the evening.

Can my travelling-companion teenager come to the pub?

Yes. Children and teens accompanied by adults are allowed in pubs in England. (However, don't send him to the bar to order a round for you - he'll be sent back empty-handed!)

Unaccompanied teens are not allowed in pubs, period. Read up the fine print about the current licensing act for yourself.

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