Reservations and fees

Reserving your place at the KWHS is a two-step process, requiring two separate payments.

If payments will require service charges (eg. drawing a GB bank draft or electronic payment), consider arranging with friends to pay for several attendees at once, to minimize the hit.

  1. Reserve to attend the event (event fee payment)
  2. Reserve to stay at the University College London site (accommodation payment)

Fees for symposium and for accommodation

Symposium fees in UK, US and Euro, payable

  • by pound sterling cheque to 'SCA Thamesreach Inc' (c/o 17 Moye Close, London UK E2 8QN)
  • by electronic funds transfer (see details below)

Advance payment strongly preferred. However, if your bank charges outrageous service fees for services to foreign lands, please contact Genevieve and Edith.

We can accept on-site payment in pounds sterling on a case-by-case basis. No travellers' cheques, no USD please!

ACCEPS payment system is now closed.

£45 GB sterling
$90 USD
63 Euro

We based conversions on £1 = $2 = 1.40 Euro.
If the rate changes significantly (ie. more than 10 cents in either direction) between end of January 2008 and whenever you book, please contact Genevieve to discuss.

Paying for KWHS

In the UK and Europe, you can pay for the event in cash (USD, GBP, or Euro) to Genevieve or Edith, or by GB sterling cheque or money order, or by wire transfer.

UK numbers
Sort code 40-02-03
Acct No 61683055

Int'l numbers
Swift/bic MIDLGB22
IBAN GB30MIDL40020361683055

Note about electronic payments
HSBC will charge a fee for international wire transfers - about £6.
This is a great improvement on the £20-25 fees other banks quoted us, and we changed banks to get a lower fee.

If you can, send several registration payments in a lump sum, to share the cost of the user fee.

Accommodation fees at UCL are for a single room, self-catering at Astor College, across the street from Ramsay Hall.


Add £5 for full breakfast option.

If you prefer to make your own breakfast, the self-catering residences have kitchens, and you can get your groceries from the nearest Tesco or Sainsburys.

Reserve to attend the event

Contact Edith, the gro.hcaersemaht|snoitavreser#drawets snoitavreser to let her know you're attending.
Please include for each attendee:

  • SCA name
  • Legal name
  • Where you're travelling from (in real-world geography, please)
  • Contact info (preferred e-mail address, and phone number: we won't call unless it's urgent)
  • How many days you're staying
  • Whether or not you're teaching
  • How you're paying for the event reservation (for reference), and when you send it
  • Are you interested in a pub night on Saturday evening? y/n Your answer will help us with booking numbers for the pub.

Important addendum about mobility assistance
If you consider yourself as handicapped, mobility-impaired, or often explain to others that 'stairs aren't your friends', please let us know. Tell us what, if anything, we can do to help you get around the site, and get around London.

Edith will confirm receipt of your message. We'll start listing names of registered attendees.

There is no attendance limit on this event, but room availability may be limited, depending on other activities hosted at UCL.

Reserve to stay at UCL site

All the reservations are managed through the UCL residences office.
They are handling all the room bookings - we are not requesting rooms, or booking them.

For annoying admin reasons1 our reservation is not a group reservation according to UCL. We are a series of individuals, who are booking to visit all at the same time.

SO: we are housed in Astor College, which is the 'individuals' housing, rather than Ramsay Hall, which is reserved for 'group bookings'.

HOWEVER: UCL knows we have several dozen attendees at this conference. They have promised to group us together at Astor College wherever possible.

Contact the UCL reservations office by e-mail, phone, or fax to place your reservation.

Explain that you're part of the SCA reservation at Astor College, and specify how many days you're staying.

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